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Enter your date of birth to know your lucky and unlucky dates. If you save your name and date of birth, this app will automatically show your lucky and unlucky dates. Open Settings. Enter your name and date of birth. Then restart the app. Follow your lucky and unlucky dates according to this app. Enter your vehicle number to calculate vehicle numerology.

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Are you searching for the best free numerology app in Tamil? As it is a free numerology app, you do not need an internet connection and a subscription. This numerology app is designed based on the Chaldean numerology system.

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This app will tell you how to calculate numerology and name number, how to become a lucky person using numerology, why do not numerology results do not match you, and lucky marriage dates. Click "Save".

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How the day of the month you are born defines your personality: Numbers that add up to your destiny

This version doesn't require app restart for saved settings. Added app Version name details in about page. Although there are a few periods, such as the month of May, [1] which they agree on, a number of cultures, including Hindu, Chinese, Catholic, Scottish, Irish, Old English, Ancient Roman and Moroccan culture, favor and avoid particular months and dates for weddings. A number of cultures, including the Chinese and Hindu cultures, favor particular auspicious dates for weddings. Auspicious days may also be chosen for the dates of betrothals.

Dates for a particular couple's wedding may often be determined with the help of a traditional fortune-teller. In Hindu culture , Akshaya Tritiya is viewed as one of the foremost auspicious wedding dates, of which there are many. In addition to aiding them in the search for an auspicious wedding date, it will help them to further understand each other, as each sign has its own meaning and character.

In light of that data, he is able to give the couple lucky times and dates for their wedding. Inauspicious dates are determined in light of certain circumstances, such as getting married in a court. Birthdays can be times of trial, so they are recommended to be avoided. In Chinese culture, auspicious wedding dates are typically found by numerological analysis of the date in the Chinese calendar.

To start, the couple must not get married in a year of the animal with which theirs conflict.

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The couple may not be of the same Zodiac animal but will likely be similar enough to distinguish the years in which they can marry. Some couples eliminate months that will clash with their Zodiac animals. The next step is to set a time period in which the couple might like to marry in and eliminate all inauspicious days within this period.

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There are other inauspicious days, such as the "Four Extinct and Four Departure Days", the Impoverish or No Wealth days; the couple is allowed to decide for themselves if they are to eliminate these days, as well. From that point, the couple may eliminate further dates with the 12 Day Officers method. Advanced couples even eliminate dates by the stars or energy that influence the day. Although the Catholic Church does not have particular auspicious dates, because of numerous feast days and penitentiary periods, restrictions on marriage during certain spans of time during the year used to be in place.

April was favored because of the prohibition during Lent and the promise of a holiday brought by Easter. It was additionally favored because the following month, May, was because of its continual dedication to the Virgin Mary.

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A almanac summarizes the prohibited dates for marriage as such: [1]. Like nearly all of the other cultures, Scottish culture considers May an unlucky month. In addition to their consideration of St. Among the ancient Romans, the month of June was particularly auspicious, due to its affiliation with the goddess Juno; it was supposedly derived and sacred to the queen of the gods.

A full or new moon were lucky during this month, especially.


As many cultures agree, the Romans believed May to be an unfavorable and even illegal month to marry because it was during this month that the festival of Bona Dea, the goddess of charity, took place. Their affinity towards tormenting weddings caused the delegalization of marriage during that time. Moroccan culture does not have any specific dates that are lucky.